Oh my Goddess...

Hey Everybody!

Wow! What an exciting time. For the last few weeks, I’ve been in rehearsals with Anto, Keith, Jay and Billy Farrell (on keyboards and production) and we had such a lot of fun working the new songs…. and some old ones too! It doesn’t take long to click when you’ve been together as long we have.

So, when we will we be out there? Well, my first single is due for release at the beginning of June. Last Friday, we added strings and brass, scored by the wonderful Fiachra Trench, to some of the tracks and he did such an amazing job. I really can’t wait for you all to hear it.

The dilemma now… which one to release first….

On Monday the 4th of May I appeared on the Dave Fanning Show on RTE Radio One. I had a long chat with him about my favourite music, the new album and touring.

Lastly, it looks like I’ll be doing a lot of Uk/Ireland promotion in June, after which I’m scheduled to play festivals, including the Isle of Wight, with more dates to be confirmed around Europe throughout the Summer.

I shall of course let you know here about all dates and promo plans.

I’m really eager to hear what you think of the new songs and am looking forward to seeing your friendly faces at the live shows.

Until then….

As always, my love.

Sharon xxx

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